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At the Lao Tsu Library, we have wonderful resources for our acupuncture and massage students and alumni to research various case studies, conditions, physiologies, medical journals and more. We have materials on both Western Science, Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We also have many online resources available free of charge.

Getting Help:

  • Ask your AMC Librarians

    Individual Research Assistance is available ( come to the library or call 305-595-9500 for an appointment ).

  • Consult Online Tutorials
  • Evaluate Internet Websites
  • Avoid Plagiarism
  • Find Study Guides for Certification
  • Compose a citation
  • Consult APA Formatting & Style Guides
  • Medical E-Books


    Medical Articles Databases

    These databases allow you to search a multitude of journals simultaneously by topic with one click.
    Recommendation: Start your search with "Health Reference Center Academic" and then "Medline in PubMed" database.

    Acupuncture Point Location

    Anatomy Resources

    Biology Resources

    Chinese Medicine Resources

    Evidence-Based Resources

    • Bandolier Library - A collection of best evidence on complementary and alternative health interventions
    • CAMline - Provides peer-reviewed information on the safety and efficacy of CAM products and therapies for healthcare professionals and the public
    • The Cochrane Library - The gold standard in evidence-based health care (Try an "Advanced Search")
    • PubMed Health - find out what really works and areas of uncertainty for making informed decisions
    • TRIP - Clinical search engine to help you find evidence-based content

    Herbology Resources

    Homeopathy Resources

    Pharmacology Resources

    Other Online Resources

    Compiled by Daniele Perez-Venero, MLIS
    Last Revision on May 6, 2014