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Over 30 Year of Excellence

Acupuncture and Massage College has over 30 years of experience providing excellences in both Acupuncture and Massage education. As a Massage School we are proud to offer our prospects one of the finest program in the country. The College is proud of its heritage and its current status as a leading institute of health and Chinese Medicine. The academic programs integrate the methodologies of East and West for both curative and preventative health care practices. Acupuncture & Massage College strives to prepare the foundation for graduates to establish a professional career and contribution to community. As a whole we like to think that we provide a safe place for spiritual minded people to developed their skills and knowledge in the art and sciences to become members of this growing health profession. As a Massage Therapist you will be empowered to help family and friends to experience one of the best massages of their life.

AMC Massage School

Within seven and a half months you too can be trained to enter into the world of Massage Therapy.

  • Our programs run on a monthly modular system. Each month we start a new class. That means you only have to concentrate on one subject at a time. It is a plus as a stress free program.
  • Massage Training at our Massage School includes: Shiatsu, Swedish Massage and Medical Massage.
  • Science classes include: anatomy and physiology, musculoskeletal anatomy, and pathology.
  • Allied modalitites include: Aromatherapy. Hydrotherapy, Medical Errors, Ethics, State Law and Practice management Financing is available. Financial Aid available to all who qualify.

Massage Therapy Clinic

Supervised Massage Clinic is a very special experience for our graduate. We have designed a six and half week Internship so that our students can build upon their skill, confidence and comfort level one step at a time. Supervised Clinic provide our students with the opportunity to practice the various techniques the have studied. Upon completion of our Massage Therapy program you will be eligible to sit for the national exam and qualify for licensure in most states.. Please contact Joe Calareso in our Admissions Office to obtain further information contact Joe at 305-595-9500.