The course consists of five classes. The course reviews the information required to take and pass AMC’s comprehensive Exam as well as the National Board Exam for Massage Therapy. Students will review all academic coursework given in the program and will be required to take and pass the Massage Therapy Comprehensive Exam right after their last Review class on a Friday in the library. (Prerequisites: Successful completion of all course work in Massage Therapy Program.)


This course teaches the standard medical ethic principles and the strategies for ethical decision making in a clinic setting.

Massage clinic is designed to build student skills, confidence, and comfort level one step at a time. Clinic provides students with the opportunity to practice the various techniques they have studied.

This class discusses one of the most prevalent and relevant issues of our time, i.e., the prevention of medical errors. The majority of the time, the implementation of simple precautions can prevent most errors. This requires looking at the every day routines, materials, environments, individuals (including patients) and groups with a fresh eye. It will include basic medical error.

This course will introduce the students to marketing concepts and strategies. Students will learn effective public speaking and begin to develop a networking and business plan.